Board of Commissioners


Robert Charboneau Jr., Chairperson At Large
Deborah LaVallie, Crow Hill District Representative
Kenneth Graywater Sr., Fort Totten District Representative
Ann Wadsworth, Saint Michael District Representative
William Cavanaugh, Woodlake District Representative



Anthony Longie, Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for administering and managing SLHC, including SLHC personnel and SLHC programs. The Executive Director responsibilities are broader than those normally associated with an Executive Director of a housing program.

The Board of Directors of SLHC establishes individual programs and written organizational policies that must be followed. The Board also monitors the performance of the Executive Director. The Executive Director reports to the Board. In addition, the Board approves the reports prepared by the Executive Director for periodic submission to the Tribe.

However, it is the Executive Director and the staff that it hires and supervises that shall operate and manage the Spirit Lake Housing Corporation.

Some of the particular duties of the Executive Director, but not all, are as follows:

  • Run day to day operations.
  • Insure compliance with all applicable tribal, federal and local laws as well as the terms of SLHC's corporate charter.
  • Comply with all formal SLHC written policies & procedures enacted by the Board.
  • Hire, discipline, reward and terminate all other SLHC employees (whether contract, salaried or hourly) subject only to appeal right established under formal SLHC written Policies & Procedures.
  • Establish individual personnel and departmental goals and objectives.
  • Arrange for annual performance evaluation for all employees.
  • Identify and address operational delinquencies.
  • Keep Board informed and updated on SLHC operations.
  • Assist Board in establishing organizational goals and objectives as well as periodic housing and operational plans. Then effect compliance with those goals and plans.
  • Regularly conduct both staff and departmental head meetings.
  • Establish program and operational procedures to supplement Board approved written SLHC Policies & Procedures.
  • Assist Board in establishing individual program statements or descriptions.
  • Seek funding.
  • Approve or delegate approval of all contracts as provided in applicable SLHC Policies & Procedures.
  • Take fair and appropriate actions against delinquent program participants including terminating their participation and removal from housing units.
  • Prepare and maintain a budget.
  • Establish and follow responsible fiscal and accounting practices.
  • Protest SLHC property, assets and monies.
  • Conduct community and program participant relations including operating a non-Board process that hears most complaints and inquiries.
  • Respond to questions, inquiries and concerns raised by the Board.
  • Attend Board meetings and regularly report to the Board.
  • Seek concurrence and approval from the Board when the Executive Director determines it is appropriate.
  • Prepare and present regular SLHC reports to the Spirit Lake Tribal Council.
  • Insure compliance with program funding requirement including NAHASDA statutory and regulatory requirements where they are applicable.
  • Strictly comply personally with all ethical conduct and SLHC personnel requirements including alcohol and drug use requirements.
  • Conduct work and live a public life that does not bring disrespect to SLHC.


Jerrica Guy, Collection Officer

  • Balance general ledgers monthly.
  • Send out notices to tenants of their monthly Accounts Receivables.
  • Print out ledger history reports to tenants upon request.
  • Sign and negotiate payroll deduction forms and payment agreements with tenants for their A/R.
  • Maintain a complete and well organized collection center for the Housing Corporation.
  • File and maintain current information on accounts receivable and work orders charges to the tenant files.
  • File collection actions in Tribal court on delinquent tenant/home owner accounts.
  • Do monthly reports to board members of the corporation.


Alma Good Iron, Payroll Officer

  • Responsible for all aspects of payroll function.
  • Oversees all facets of the payroll operations ensuring compliance with state and Federal laws and policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for the production of weekly payroll and special compensation payroll.
  • Process and complete diverse range of moderately transaction including pay-intermittent and complete part time, overtime leave status and accrual leave.
  • Pays all taxes, state and federal.
  • Enrolls new employees for benefits 401k, BlueCross BlueShield.
  • Will update all voluntary Payroll deduction.
  • Maintain a proper filing system for the payroll department of the SLHC.
  • Process Participant Loans for the employee 401k.
  • May perform other duties relating to the financial aspects of the SLHC.

Kenneth Baker Jr., Resident Services Coordinator

  • Establish a local program coordinating committee of service providers and facilitate quarterly meetings.
  • Outreach to tribal housing residents to market available ideas.
  • Conduct individual assessments of interested residents to determine assistance needed.
  • Market and coordinate SLHC's homeownership assistance and financial literacy programs.
  • Connect residents to local and regional supportive services to complete education goals, access job opportunities and receive vocational training.
  • Coordinate service providers and oversee delivery of services, including working with both internal and external parties to provide service, training and mentoring.
  • Communicate and network with local, state and federal agencies and organizations to tap into development opportunities for program participants, including identifying additional funding sources and program.
  • Monitor progress of program participants.
  • Other duties assigned.

Misty Luger, Tenant Specialist

  • Conduct occupancy interviews with families selected for low rental units explaining the rent calculation, Rules of Occupancy and Lease Agreement.
  • Complete annual recertifications/Interim for all low rent occupants, including a determination of whether the unit is still adequate of the family's needs, recalculation of the rent or monthly payment.
  • Verify all income, employment and other information in accordance with Authority Policies.
  • Enter all move-ins, recertifications, and interims into the Housing Data System.
  • Notify Collection Clerk in coordinating tenants' monthly payments.
  • Write Lease Violation/Eviction letters to tenants.
  • Notify LIHEAP, GA, Benson County SS etc of tenants' occupancy and rent.
  • Work with all Electric companies on the tenants removal of meters (limiters/disconnects).
  • Maintain low rent waiting list.

Connie Charboneau, Tenant Counselor/Tax Credit Director

  • Recertify Homeowners.
  • Recertify Lodges of Fort Totten and Spirit Lake Lodge Tenants.
  • Recertify NLRMH Tenants.
  • Meet with tenants from the 4 projects when they have questions or workorders.
  • Do various projects for the Housing such as the newsletter and make signs or booklets if needed for other housing events.
  • Do quarterly report for Mahoney, Ulbrich & Christiansen.
  • Do yearly report for ESIC and North Dakota Housing Finance Agency.
  • Do the drawdown on a weekly basis.
  • Hand out and receive applications for the 4 projects.
  • Maintain waiting list for Homeowners, LOFT, SLL, NLRMH.
  • Attend meetings on behalf of the Housing.
  • Go out with the Inspector to do move-ins or move-outs.
  • Go to Court of behalf of the Housing when needed.
  • Help other Staff when needed.

Janelle Fassett, SLHC Inspector

  • Inspect all of HUD Units move-ins/move-outs, evictions, etc. This includes homeowners, NLRMH.
  • Daily mail run (morning & afternoon).
  • Do a monthly SLHC BOC report.
  • Hand deliver SLHC BOC packets.
  • Answer phones, do work orders when needed.
  • Schedule all fumigation on a monthly basis.
  • Attend meeting on behalf of SLHC when needed.
  • Help other staff when needed.

Trudy LaRoque, Data Entry / Receptionist

  • Answer switchboard.
  • Greet general public.
  • Enter work orders.
  • Maintain Work Order Log (Issue and receive completed work orders).
  • Submit Monthly Board Report.
  • Make weekly rent deposit.
  • Process and mail tenant rent receipts.
  • File miscellaneous cash receipts / check stubs.
  • Make monthly deposit summary report to Mahoney Ulbrich Christiansen, P.A.
  • Oversee quarterly drug testing.
  • Balance with General Ledger.

Yvonne Dubois, Accounting Manager

  • Maintain the Accounting System.
  • Prepare Financial Statements to the Director, Board of Directors, HUD and USDA.
  • Assist in the preparation of Budgets for the IHBG and USDA RD Loan and account for those Budgets.
  • Assist in preparing the Indian Housing Plan and the Annual Performance Report submitted to HUD.
  • Responsible for tracking and monitoring the expenditures to the IHBG, ICDGB, and ROSS Grants and ensure that activity is posted to the General Ledger.
  • Prepare the weekly LOCCS Draw that is submitted to HUD to receive Grant Money.
  • Prepare SF425 Quarterly Reports to HUD and USDA.
  • Review and submit the Monthly Project Statement to USDA for the RD Elderly Project to receive the Subsidy. Prepares and records the Bank Deposit for USDA RD Elderly Project.
  • Reconcile A/R receivables and A/P subsidiary ledgers monthly.
  • Calculate Non-Program Income and post into the Accounting System.
  • Reconcile monthly the Bank Statements for SLHC, LOFT, SLL and USDA RD Project.
  • Complete all Accounts Payable functions which include reviewing, processing and posting.
  • Prepare weekly Payroll Deductions, 401K spreadsheet uploads and monthly Insurance Deductions. Prepare and transfer funds for the weekly Payroll.
  • Provide direction for Payroll and review Quarterly Payroll Reports for completeness and accuracy. Assist with the preparation of the Year End W-2 Processing.
  • Setup and monitor the required yearly Audit for the Spirit Lake Housing Corporation.

Christopher McCloud, Purchasing/Contracting

  • Receive requisitions from SLHC Departments.
  • Prepare purchase orders and send copies to suppliers and to departments originating requests.
  • Contact suppliers in order to schedule or expedite deliveries and to resolve shortages, missed or late deliveries, and other problems.
  • Review requisition orders in order to verify accuracy, terminology and specifications.
  • Prepare, maintain and review purchasing files, reports and price lists.
  • Compare prices, specifications and delivery dates in order to determine the best quote among potential suppliers.
  • Work with the Accounting Manager on tracking the status of requisitions, orders and payments.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Rustin Hunt, Warehouse Manager

  • Maintain Spirit Lake Housing Corporation Warehouse.

Inventory Technician

  • Maintain Spirit Lake Housing Corporation Inventory.

Jeannie Charboneau, Janitor

Maintenance Staff

Jerry Robertson Maintenance Supervisor
Perry Cavanaugh Maintenance Foreman
Ron Mckay Sr. Maintenance Person
Clint LaRoque Maintenance Person
Jason Robertson Maintenance Person
Mark Everson Maintenance Person
Kirk Heaster Maintenance Person
  Maintenance Person
Paul Young Maintenance Person
  Maintenance Person
Joseph Greene Maintenance Person
Dylan Smith Maintenance Person
Tyrell Cavanaugh Maintenance Person