Spirit Lake Housing Corporation has launched a "Block Watch Program" this year. The aim of the program is to "empower community members" to recognized suspicious activity and participate in community involvement practices that makes their housing sites safer and more secure. We will be conducting introductory "Block Watch Program" training sessions in all the Spirit Lake housing sites. Our goal is to have a "Block Watch"group in every housing location that community members can participate in. We will then conduct monthly or bi-monthly meetings with the groups and pass on crime prevention and safety tips and practices. We will use guest speakers for our community sessions that have experience in prevention and community wellness education. Each "Block Watch" group will have a local coordinator and will keep the group involved and active. We hope to expand this program into "wellness projects" that the community members believe are most helpful in their area. Interested? Please contact SLHC at 766-4131 or request that a program mailer be sent to your home.